About the Yesterweb

The Yesterweb is driven by its community - everyday users of the internet, regular people with diverse skills and interests who care about online spaces.

We acknowledge that the internet is made up of human beings. Conversing online doesn't make this any different. Behind every username is a real person with their own perspective and experiences.

We do not tolerate hate speech including sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, chauvinism, and national/religious discrimination. We can do better.

It's not just about nostalgia or retro aesthetics but these interests signify that there is a need for change. Our goal is to forge a new path forward, toward building and cultivating a better internet.



The Yesterweb began as an empty Discord server in February of 2021 and was created by Sadness. The server was intended to be a communication tool for the community at Neocities.org, a a place for likeminded folks to discuss building websites.

As we continued to grow, we attracted a diverse group of people with a range of knowledge, skills and hobbies who all care deeply about the internet. We have seen it shift and become what it is today. We're starting small, by researching and sharing, making art, creating digital spaces, and figuring out how to unlearn harmful social habits from social media.

We hope to inspire people to create their own spaces online.

The Yesterweb is run by volunteers who dedicate their time out of love and passion for the internet and other people ♥

We are always changing and growing.

Find ongoing community events and projects on Trello.

You can drop by our Discord or reach out to us at contact@yesterweb.org


Frequently Asked Questions

What role does nostalgia play in the Yesterweb?

It's fun to be nostalgic about old design choices and aesthetics. There’s a lot of comfort in nostalgia, but’s more of an 'icing' than a 'cake'. We aren't blind to the shortcomings of the early web, instead we see the potential that was lost. And sometimes we just want to dress up our websites!

Why are you using Discord? Discord is terrible.

Yes, we know, but we choose Discord over the alternatives because that's where the most people are.

Have you considered bridging the Discord server with [Matrix/IRC/XMPP]?

Yes, we have tried a bridge before and it didn't work out. We aren't looking at alternatives currently.