You can listen to this while you are here.

> no
> we don't have to do this
> there's another way

> no, it's not that

> no. please, listen to me for a moment. im saying
  that you're working with a definition of "real"
  that's different and, i think, dangerous
> yea, your way does work. no one's disputing
  that. sure, it helps with the trolling. it's a
  good idea for that, but it also gives sysops a
  lot of unchecked power
> + there's a definite chilling effect for people
  still figuring it out or who have stuff they dont
  want the world to know
> idk maybe they just want their friends to know.
  maybe those friendships depend on that

> yea

> yea
> yes! exactly. and: i think there's a larger
  conversation to be had by people who
  are not us about the balance of that
> if we do this, those people lose a part of
  themselves and they lose each other
> why did we get into this in the first place?
  we wanted to connect to other people, we
  were desperate to communicate, to know for sure
  weren't alone. let's not pull that ladder up
  the moment we found each other
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