The Yesterweb Ring: Discontinued

What's going on?!

The Yesterweb Webring has been discontinued. You can read more about this decision here.

The webring members list is no longer available but you may be able to find an archived copy of the old members' list if you know where to look.

If you still have our widget on your page, you should probably take it down. Originally, I had the idea to 'gracefully' take it down by just replacing the next/prev/rand buttons, but I forgot it was coded to rely on the JSON file. I put a little message in place of the error message that usually appears. I am so sorry for how this might impact your websites, but it's the perfect time for a little Spring cleaning! 🧹

What's next?

We wholeheartedly encourage you to join one of the many webrings that are still around, accepting new members and operating in full force! You can find listings of these types of webrings around the net. You can check out sadgrl's webrings page for a list, or use VHSearch to search the keyword 'webring'.

You can also create your own webring, although it's typically only possible with some knowledge of code. We've created a list of guided resources as well as which technology is required to create them, below: